Life is Good

Monday officially starts my 3rd week as a business owner.  I look back at how much I have learned throughout this process and it amazes me at how much work I have put into making The Fitness Lab possible.  I have met most of my new clients and they are all amazing people!  What I love about my job is that I find myself becoming inspired by own clients.  The same people who look up to me to keep them fit and healthy give back to me in ways that they cannot even imagine.
My goal for this studio is to create a high end experience at an affordable price.  I want to make sure that my clients get to workout in a fun, safe and clean environment.  I am constantly coming up with new ideas to enhance their experiences. 

We just got in a cycleops power indoor cycle for warming up and the computrainers are all set up and ready for classes.  A lot of my clients are training on them now and as we move into the winter, I anticipate that the trainers are going to get a lot of use! Chad, my husband, is very techy and he has everything connected to the TV and the computer.  Now, if I can only find enough time and energy to get on them myself!  This week, this week will be a good week to start:) I am calling this week, the official start of my Ironman training for 2011! 
My online scheduling is live and although it has taken a lot of work to learn the software, it is going to make life much easier in the future.  Clients can go online and create their own account.  From there, they can schedule and purchase sessions.  Thanks to my good friend Kate for giving me this idea! In addition to online software, I will be releasing an e-newsletter at the first of every month.   The E-newsletter will provide fitness articles, recipes and updates on new classes and specials.
We will be moving back into my house (a block from the studio) in a few short weeks and I can’t wait to ride my bike or walk to work.  Chupa has come to work with me almost everyday and that is the number one perk of this job.  I am going to turn  my cyclocross bike into an ultimate commuter bike!  The lease on my car is up at the end of December and I am going to attempt to go without a car for an entire year.  This is going to be a huge challenge, but the great thing about Broad Ripple is that everything that you need is within a 1/2 mile.  Actually, I can probably get from point A to point B faster on my bike then in my car.
If you get a chance to stop and say Hi, please do so!  I am here most of the day, but it depends on my client schedule.  I am looking at adding some small group pilates and boot camp classes, so if you are interested…shoot me an email.

Whitney Burdzilauskas
The Fitness Lab