It’s Winter…Get Moving!!!!

As winter and the holiday season aproaches it is time to look for some extra motivation.  My trick for staying fit throughout the winter is to enter in a local 5k or 2 or 3!  There are many great things about these events.
First, you get your workout done before most of the city is even up.  Second, you push yourself a lit bittle more than you would on your own.  There is something about someone saying “GO” that fires us up inside. Third, you can work on accomplishing mini benchmark goals.  For example, your goal could be to do a 5k in December, February and March.  Or, you can try to aim for a certain finishing time.  Point being, these mini benchmark goals keep you motiated throughout the otherwise boring, dreary winter months.  Fourth, you are supporting a local charity.  Not only do you have the streets shut down, a t-shirt and other race goodies, but you are walking/running for a great cause. Finally, you start the day off on the right foot with an endorphin lift and you are a much happier parent, spouse and or employee throughout the weekend.
So get out there and walk/run your way to a happy and healthy winter season! I will see you there!
Here are a few upcoming races:

St. Nik 5k December 4th
Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis December 11th
5ks of Christmas Run and Walk December 18th
Race to the New year January 8 

For more information check out and