Spring Update!

A lot has happened since cyclocross season, so let the updating begin!

We had a very successful winter training program at The Fitness Lab Cycling Studio.  A lot of triathletes and cyclists will be excited once they hit the pavement in 2013!  We ended up not keeping the additional space, but we are looking for a new one for this coming winter.  I am hoping to find a bigger space (and maybe one with a shower!).

I am doing a lot of coaching as well and have taken on a few new athletes for 2013!  I am very excited to be a part of their journey as the.y reach for their goals this year! 

I started off the spring with a few bike races, and have the Carmel Sprint Triathlon and the New Orleans 70.3 Races coming up!  They are a week a part and I am excited to dust off the cobwebs and race!  I am using the Carmel Sprint Tri as a tune up for the 70.3, so I am sure I will be wondering around the transition area trying to remember how to do this thang! All of this is in prep for Ironman Coeur D’ Alene, which is at the end of June! 

I picked Coeur D’Alene, because it is early (I race better earlier in the year) and it is hilly. I lost a few pounds over January and February so I can’t wait to see if it helps! I tell you what, there is nothing more annoying than trying to keep weight off!  If I lived in a bubble, it wouldn’t be so bad.  I would have no idea what I am missing.  But, instead I am surrounded by juicy hamburgers, chicken wings, pizza and breadsticks.  I can’t say that I miss eating nutella bagels all day long, but I do miss my local pizza joints.  Now that I have reached my “race weight”, all I have to do is stay there!  Folks, I hate to break it to you but the maintenance phase is the hardest part! So, let’s see if I can do it…only time will tell!

I will try to update after my April races!  Ride safe!