When I set my sights on qualifying for Kona, I never thought that I would struggle with the task of training for 2 Ironmans in one season.  I mean how can you NOT be motivated when you have Kona on your horizon?


So, I am not going to lie…I am not superwoman.  What?  It’s true!  I am just like everyone else who works full time.  It is always a struggle each day to fit everything in. Sub-optimal recovery makes for some dead legs, long warm ups and a tired body. Over time, I have learned to outsmart myself.  I do my workouts early, I pack food for the entire day so that I am not tempted to go home when I should be swimming/biking/running.


It really is about prioritizing my day and getting the hard stuff done early.  I have also figured out to block out the “not so important” tasks.  Some of these tasks will be SUPER important in a few weeks time, but right now…I have pushed them to the bottom of the list.  So, my house might be a little messy,  the garage still needs to be cleaned out, clients need to be invoiced, and the gutters need some attention…but it will get done in due time.


For now, I am going through the motions, checking off the workouts, daydreaming about the ocean and maybe catching a glimpse of some dolphins on my practice swims:)


My immediate focus is the 70.3 Ironman World Championships in 2 weeks (in Las Vegas). There is so much to do between now and then, but I am excited to share the experience with my mom, Patrick, Judy and Mindi!  We are going to have an amazing adventure on a challenging/brutal course.  Training is on target and I am feeling strong. I am praying for some hot summer days here in Indiana, so I can adapt to the heat!


Happy Training!