Kona Week/Pre Race

There is something about the islands of Hawaii that are magical.  I have been captivated by their beauty my entire life.  To be honest, I probably should live here and I have found myself thinking about that a lot this week!

We arrived on Saturday night and it was a peaceful weekend before the rest of the athletes got here.  We rented a boat on Tuesday, which is the day that most of the athletes arrived.  Before the boat ride, my friend Sharon and I went for a morning run and swim  then bypassed expo opening day for an afternoon boat ride on the Pacific.  I swam with dolphins and enjoyed single moment of that day.  It was amazing and words cannot describe the things I saw out there.  I went to bed that night with a smile that will be engraved in my soul for the rest of my life.  No matter what happens tomorrow, that perfect Tuesday can never be taken away from me.

Since then, it has been busy on the island and triathletes have taken over Kona.  I am not a big fan of crowds, so I have spent the past few days hiding out at the Sheraton (about 7 miles from the action).  I just got done with my shake out bike and now I am sitting out on the lanai sharing my experience with all of you!

Tomorrow will be a brutal day, but I worked hard to get here and I am going to enjoy every moment of the race tomorrow.  I expect a semi-rough swim, a windy/hot bike and a humid run.  There is glass all over the queen k, so I am not too stoked about that!  I will have a tracker on, so if anything mechanical happens… one of my sherpas will post to twitter.  Since this is my 3rd ironman this year, I don’t feel ready to rock like I did leading up to Louisville.  I do feel like I’ve done the work to have a solid day if I can stay on track with my nutrition.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here this year.  It is truly a blessing to be here and I could not have done it without all of your support…Mahalo!

After the race, I plan on doing  a lot of snorkeling, paddle boarding, mountain biking and kayaking.  I didn’t travel all the way here to sit on my ass!