Whitney of Past, Present and Future

I didn’t sleep well last night, and I found myself getting lost in a few blog posts and decided that I was going to reignite my blogging fire.  My main goal for my blog has always been to take real world first world problems and show readers that shit happens to everyone and to always find the silver lining.

A year and a half ago, I expanded my business, The Fitness Lab, in Indianapolis. It is primarily a personal training studio.  Over the years it has grown to become a computrainer/indoor cycling studio and a hub for triathletes, runners and cyclists to also train.  As the endurance coaching entity of my business grew, so became the Fitness Lab Endurance Team.  Throughout  the 9 years of evolutionary development, my business has become so much more then what that business plan I wrote up looked like.  I was so concerned with the equipment that I was going to purchase and the paint scheme on the wall.  Ha!  If only!

What I learned over these past 9 years is that relationships are what have made The Fitness Lab such a special place over the years.  We don’t operate on a big budget and we always try to help people out when they need it.  My personal goal has always been from the heart and to make sure that every soul that walks in the door leaves feeling better then before they arrived.

Speed up 6 months and here I sit in beautiful San Diego.  A job opportunity opened up for my husband, Chad, and we sold our houses to see what else in life could be out there for us.  I had never lived anywhere other then Indiana.  Even in college, I would come home most weekends.  What drew me to San Diego was my love for the ocean and the temperature!  There has been so many more great things that San Diego has given me: awesome beaches to run and walk on, killer group rides and bike routes, sunny afternoon walks (in shorts) with the dogs, and more time on my hands to focus on Chad, the dogs and me.

What is lacking for me here thus far is community.  I am starting to see familiar faces as I find my routine.  I recognized 1 person at the start line of a 1/2 marathon this past weekend.  I am on a first name basis with  a handful of people every time I show up at a group ride.  The people in my swim lane are starting to call me by my first name.  I have been working a little bit at the JCC in La Jolla and I am starting to get regulars in my classes.  All signs that point towards social adaptation.

I am enjoying this journey and learning a lot about myself, what is important in my life (next blog post), and trying to tackle some new personal goals while I am out here in San Diego.  I miss my Indianapolis community more then ever, but everyone seems to be thriving and achieving their goals despite only having my virtual presence.  I have been really focusing a lot of energy on my triathlon coaching clients.  I have always wanted to have the time to dive deep into this aspect of my business!  It really has been my favorite part about stepping away from the inside walls of the studio.  I get to be the best version of a coach that I can be!

I wish that everyone had multiple opportunities to step back and take a break from their normal life.  One of my most profound realizations was how easy it is to get absorbed in every day routines.  We get up early-drive to work-pack for the day-go work out-eat dinner-go to bed DAY IN AND DAY OUT! These appear to be necessities to survive in a modern world.  How many activities can we fit into one day????? It has become the new norm.   What that does not leave time for is self reflection.  FYI.. too much is probably not a good thing either!

I have had A LOT of time to self reflect and to take a long look at myself.  It took 3 months just to remove the layers of fatigue that I accrued over the past 15 years of working full time PLUS in the fitness industry.  I can’t say that I am a better, or more complete person since moving.  It is quite the opposite.  I have not found my way and am actually less in tune to who I am and what I want out of life.  My assumption is that my job probably defined the past decade of my life.  It’s ironic because my money would have been on triathlon.

Let me leave you with this thought…

I keep trying to think about Whitney in 30 years.  What would future Whitney say to present Whitney.  Do more of _____.  Don’t worry about _____.  It’s not about the______.  Eat more______.  As of now, the things that stand out are…

  • call my grandmas as much as possible
  • cuddle with my dogs every chance I get
  • be present in my workouts and appreciate that I get to do this sport
  • enjoy the moments with my husband that I didn’t have when I worked full time
  • show appreciation to my mom for always being there
  • allow the pacific sunsets to radiate my soul
  • Midwest winters suck, but housing prices make you wonder if it is worth it.