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Fitness Lab Triathlon Team


Streamline your training!  If you would like to become a part of our endurance team, sign up for one of the following!  All levels include free community runs/bikes/clinics, option to upgrade clothing, retail discounts*. Some restrictions apply.

Fitness Lab Triathlon Team

  • 25% off ALL Computrainer and group fitness classes (includes unlimited)

COACHING $225/monthly

  • 50% off Computrainer and group fitness classes + free summer Computrainer classes
  • 6-month commitment

ALL INCLUSIVE $3900/annually

  • 1 free cycling or triathlon kit
  • Unlimited Computrainer, group fitness, and small group personal training sessions
  • Includes 10 x 30-minute personal training sessions
  • Custom triathlon/cycling coaching

Sign Up for the Endurance Team

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Meet Your Coaches

Cyndi Lindeman Iron Man Finish

Cyndi Lindeman Endurance Coach

Cyndi Lindeman Coach

Cyndi Lindeman

Cyndi Lindeman seeks to partner with dedicated athletes of all experience levels to drive to their best performances at endurance sports.  Working side by side to, she strives to help her athletes achieve a new level of success.  She works with them to design and execute training plans that align with their race goals, physical/mental state, and life balance needs.

Cyndi is an Ironman Certified Coach, an Ironman World Champion Competitor (2015), and has completed over 13 Ironman events having earn top 1% Gold Level All World Athlete since the program’s inception.  She has earned USAT All American Honor Distinction every year since she started competing in triathlons regularly.  On the running side, she is a 4X Boston Finisher having completed and qualified every marathon she has run since 2000 (over 10).

“Cyndi’s personal Ironman experience was evident in how she customized my personal training plan to my specific needs.  She developed a well thought out training plan, with consistent accountability and feedback, which allowed me to improve my Ironman PR by over an hour and a half.  Cyndi’s unique approach to an Ironman endurance training plan that utilized speed work as well as the normal long distance training workouts were targeted for my goals and adjusted on a weekly basis based on how my body and mind was responding.”

Don Goldenetz – Ironman Triathlete 2X

“Cyndi became a trusted resource for me during my training program. Being able to ask questions and seek clarification was worth every penny. Being prone to over training, it was helpful to have someone objectively rein me in and keep me focused. Additionally, expanding my training program to include heart rate and cycling power proved to be invaluable.”

Dennis Porter – First Time Ironman Triathlete

“Learning to push your limits is a challenge and if you are one who can capitalize on improving your sport ,I would recommend Coach Cyndi to anyone who is looking to improve their performance.

I can rest easy knowing that I invest in a coach who will monitoring my workouts, analyze my data and making the hard calls when I need it. For me, the best part is that I have a personalized schedule to go to everyday. It’s like a virtual accountability partner that is watching my progress or short comings with feedback along the way and this is why I invest in Coach Cyndi.”

Brad Applegate – Ironman Triathlete 4X, Boston Marathon Qualifier

“Coach Cyndi has been worth every penny from my perspective. I’m running faster than I have in 6 years and after training with her for 6 months, I took THREE HOURS off my previous full Ironman time. She sets up weekly workouts in Training Peaks (which is synced with my Garmin after I do them). Cyndi is an excellent communicator (text, phone, email, messenger and in person) and she has a supportive style that is balanced with just the right amount of “get it done.” She is organized, knowledgeable, supportive, and experienced. ☆I HIGHLY recommend her coaching for newbies and experienced athletes alike!”

Greta Slater – Ironman Triathlete 2X

“I really enjoyed having Cyndi as my coach. She’s extremely knowledgeable in the sport, willing to work with hectic schedules, and very motivating.”

Angie Sproles – Ironman Triathlete 4X, Boston Marathon Qualifier

Whitney Burdzilauskas

As the owner of the Fitness Lab, Whitney Burdzilauskas is a personal trainer, coach and professional triathlete. Since trying her first triathlon in 2003 and completing Ironman Florida in 2004, she’s completed countless half Ironman distance triathlons and Ironman distance triathlons. She qualified for the Hawaii Ironman 3 years in a row in the 30-34 age group (2013 – 2015), and she started racing professionality in 2016.

In 2003, Whitney received her personal training certification from the NSCA and her pilates mat and reformer certifications from IM=X the next year. She’s also received her indoor power cycling certification from Cycleops and holds a USA Cycling and USA Triathlong Coaching Certification.

Whitney has helped me realize and exceed my goals during my time working out at The Fitness Lab.  Her positive attitude and ability to push me to my limits has allowed for me to continue to raise the bar with my workouts.
Ben Cohen – Personal Training Client
I’ve been working out with Whitney for almost 3 years, and she still finds new and unique ways to challenge me every single week.
Carmen Teed – Personal Training Client
Within six months of Ironman coaching, personal training, and Computrainer classes with Whitney I went from a back-of-the-pack racer to a competitive athlete with my first podium finish.  I have lost 40 pounds, consistently PRd in races, and gotten exponentially faster in all triathlon disciplines.  Whitney not only offers instruction and experience, but she leads by example with her disciplined training regimen. Training with the high caliber of athletes who work out at The Fitness Lab is not only fun and motivating, but has definitely contributed to my results.
Polly Weitzman – Personal Training / Coaching Client
I love her.. I hate her … I love her … I’m so conflicted.
Sandi Perlman – Personal Training Client
Great group of fun and diverse people with varying athletic abilities and objectives, challenging workouts and beats riding alone and outdoors when it is freezing!  Classes keep me motivated and ready to race when spring rolls around!
David – Computrainer Classes
Within three months, I feel so much stronger, healthier, and encouraged to keep going. Personal training is one of the highlights of my week, which is due to Whitney’s knowledge and regimen.
Jenn Lisak, Personal Training Client
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