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The Fitness Lab

A Strength Training and Coaching Facility "Share the journey"

A Strength Training and Coaching Facility "Share the journey"

A Strength Training and Coaching Facility "Share the journey"A Strength Training and Coaching Facility "Share the journey"

Inspire. Be Inspired. Come Train With Us!

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Your support and contributions will enable us to continue providing you online classes, pay our head coach and maintain facility overhead.  Thank you for sharing your quarantine with us!

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Virtual Workouts

Yoga Class 4/3/2020

Find peace during Caleb's at home yoga class

At Home Strength 3/25/2020
4 sets
10 push up should taps
10 jump squats
10 each side bicycle crunch
4 sets
10 total split leg jumps
10 total dumbbell or kettlebell 3 point Row
10 total side plank rotation 

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Founded 2011

The Fitness Lab was created in 2011 as a creative outlet by Whitney Burdzilauskas.   Her innovation and ideas needed a release and so she created The Fitness lab.  What started as a small personal training studio eventually became a thriving community of fitness enthusiasts and athletes that now call The Fitness Lab their home!

The original location of The Fitness Lab did not allow room for growth, so in 2016 we picked up and moved 1 mile south to "SoBro".  It is here that the lab has grown to be what it is today - a haven of inspiration.

The most important values to Whitney are community and respect. She treats all members with open arms and does her best to nurture and challenge each individual as they travel through their fitness journey.  It is important to Whitney that everyone walks out of the lab in a better head and physical space then when they walked in.  

In 2017, Whitney and her husband decided to move to San Diego, CA with an end goal of Hawaii.  They currently live in Kailua, Oahu where Whitney coaches and works with the Unites States Marine Corps. 

When you become a part of the Fitness Lab, you can't help but find yourself in a new found relationship to the islands of Hawaii.   Whitney's goal is to bring the spirit of Aloha to her Midwest community.  

For now, she runs the gym remotely while Joe Abiog is very involved with the day to day operations.  It is because of the fabulous staff and network of clients; The Fitness Lab thrives in her absence.  

In addition to owning The Fitness Lab, Whitney is a wife, animal advocate, loves horseback riding, her 3 dogs, dolphins, the ukulele and competes in triathlon. 

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Whitney and Joe

Whitney and Joe 



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