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Cycling and Triathlon Coaching with Whitney and Cyndi

Do you need a coach to put you on a structured schedule? Whitney and Cyndi can help.





Whitney Burdzilauskas

Whitney is a USAT Level 2 Endurance Coach and a USA Cycling certified cycling coach. Additionally, she specializes in training with a power meter and holds a Cycelops Power Cycling Certification.

Cyndi Lindeman

Cyndi Lindeman Coach

Cyndi is an Ironman Certified Coach, an Ironman World Champion Competitor (2015), and has completed over 13 Ironman events having earned top 1% Gold Level All World Athlete since the program’s inception. 


  • Are you confused as to what heart rate zones or power zones you should be training in?
  • With a very specific testing protocol, we can lay out your power/pace/and heart rate zones.
  • All bike tests are done on a computrainer and run tests are done on a treadmill or track.

We will send you a daily plan to help you achieve your specific goals. Our coaching program is 100% customized to YOU! We will help you achieve things that you never thought were possible. We will be 110% committed to helping you achieve your goal and we need you to be 110% dedicated to doing the workouts that we prescribe. This is a team effort between coach and athlete. You are not going to be doing this alone!

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Please contact Whitney at for details on the plan that is the best fit for you.  Need us there with you? We can do some of your key workouts with you for an additional cost.
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Refunds are not available for pre-purchased/discounted coaching. If you are not committed to your goals, sign up for a short term coaching package. However, we am flexible and if you need to postpone your coaching, we can freeze the coaching at any time and pick up after you are ready to return.


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